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A ship circumnavigatess the world

...but was does it mean in a world where flying became like a bus ride and Around-The-World tickets belong to the basic needs of each teenager after graduating scool. On Earth today where mass tourism acts as social hygiene for depending citizens. On wich you will find adventures at sales promotions of leisure industry only. Or by grabbing late summer specials of a low cost carrier. In a world where a texanian family grabes towards the global power arrantely - performed as worldwide theatre in TV. In this bigger picture a handfull of sailers just started to explore new horizones.

Not highly impressed by modern world developments nor happy with life in societies mainly determined by sales and brandings only - the crew and supporters of "Stahlratte" decided to circumnavigates the globe in celebration of 100 years anniversary of their beloved ship. "Stahlratte" - the german expression for "Steelrat" - was manufactured from steel in 1903 for fishing purposes in the Netherlands and started in early september 2004 from Bremerhaven - its contemporary home harbour in Germany - its voyage.

There are people who may not like sesawing. Others may miss speeds and sports and there are people who dont like the idea of sharing limited room with others too long. But there is something special on board of "Stahlratte" you hardly can find on other boats: There is no fixed crew. There is no fixed time schedule nor an unchangable travel itinary. El capitano just coordinates activities on board of the sailing ship. The entire crew on board decides the direction to go and everything is possible. Everybody is invited to board the ship and  to become a crew member -  to wait for winds and  accompany the rest of the crew to circumnavigates the globe. Based on community ideas in general,  for twenty years supporters successfully kept alive the vision of maintaining a 100 years old steel ship independently and free of commercial sell out. Imagine the effort to get maintainanced a 120 feet steel boat over this long period! For that - enouph respect, amigos!

Not having a real plan how to finance the project, "Stahlratte" is on tour since 1994. There are no major sponsors but spontaneity, to go for adventures and the dream of independence are the motors, as it is - last but not least - the good old Rock'N'Roll.

This website understands itself as support to the great idea of circumnavigation by a ship made in the beginning of the last century and apart from commercial impulses. It results from invitation to  become part of this project and - if time allows - would love the idea to create a platform for a kind of virtual circumnavigation of the globe. Beeing virtually on board of "Stahlratte" for all those who got no sufficient ressources and time left or are kept home for other reasons. Plus - needless to say - for all those who wanted to become a sailer for many years already...

                             In this spirit - Cheers! and welcome on board!